Sunday, July 3, 2016

Elie Weisel

Hearing of the death of Elie Wiesel brings me no joy. But I know the people who were consistently and systematically targeted by his blatant racism, masked by a liberal sheen of Holocaust invocation, will find some reprieve from his wretched chauvinism.

Anyone who is familiar with the cause of Palestinians knows and understands quite well that Wiesel stopped being opposed to racism a long time ago. He instead used his victimization by Nazi racism to justify Israeli racism. Every time Israel felt pressure over how awful they were and are to Palestinians, Wiesel would swoop in and begin to talk about "the new anti-Semitism" and a load of nonsense that distracted people from actual racism. His fifty years of this act made him a showboat and a charlatan. Any value to be gleaned from his childhood experiences in Nazi Germany were squandered intentionally by him decades ago so to squander hope for the end of Palestinian victimhood.

Consider his words during the last pogrom in Gaza:

That's right, a nuclear-armed military power acted like a bunch of cowards and attacked a population armed with fireworks and Wiesel blamed the victims and called their martyrdom at the hands of the most powerful military force in the Middle East "child sacrifice". I correspond with the children of people who were in the Warsaw ghetto uprising that compared what happened to their parents with what happens to people in Gaza without shame. They have no problem equating Wiesel's behavior and words with bigotry.

And what did Wiesel say when Israelis illegally forced Palestinians out of their homes in East Jerusalem, occupied Palestinian territory that is illegally annexed by Israel in violation of UN resolutions calling for a two-state solution on the pre-June 1967 borders?

“As Sukkot begins, we are thrilled to bless the tens of new families joining us at this time in the Jewish settlement in the City of David. We salute the Zionist action in Jerusalem of those involved. Strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem is a challenge that we all face and with this act of settlement you are raising our stature. Together with you we will receive the pilgrims, the holiday visitors. We value and cherish you.”

What a mensch!

And this is not even bringing up the fact that he was caught plagiarizing and lying multiple times!

I feel about his death the same way I feel about the death of any proud racist who uses their misfortunes to victimize the weak.

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