Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Do You Want To Play MANHUNT?

MANHUNT (2013, dir. Greg Barker) is an adaptation of the book by reporter Peter Bergen about the bin Laden raid.  In the wake of Seymour Hersh's excellent expose of the bin Laden raid in May 2015, this film has all the factual value of a copy of National Enquirer.  The film features a bunch of talking heads, including one rather repulsive gentleman who expounds on the myth of how 'enhanced interrogation' (read: torture) helped lead the Americans to bin Laden.  Of course, now we know it was a random walk-in by a regular Pakistani who gave away the store.  One of the other interviewees is Marty Martin, who has made quite a career for himself after retirement.
Notably, the film features a moment where an al-Queda propaganda tape makes reference to 'the Jews' in an ominous tone, obvious a mention of Palestinian issues.  As I have written before, I do not see things in a paranoid prism where the entire world is controlled by der Juden.  Instead, I see it as everything happening at the beck and call of the USA.
Here's a video of the film makers in July 2013 at the Aspen Institute, looking astoundingly self-important and silly in the wake of the Hersh revelations.

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