Sunday, June 14, 2015

You Need To See To Believe MEN, HEROES, AND GAY NAZIS

MEN, HEROES, AND GAY NAZIS (dir. Rosa von Praunheim, 2005) is one of the most unique documentaries about the Nazi epoch I have encountered.  Through interviews with scholars and modern right-wing homosexuals, as well as historical footage and facts, one gains an insight into the bizarre sub-culture of fascist queerness.  Of course everyone knows about Ernst Röhm and his antics, but the homoeroticism of Nazism went much deeper and was perhaps an underlying psychosis of the movement itself.  What is ultimately striking about these interview subjects is the way they rationalize their allegiance to people who are very open about wanting to eradicate homosexuality from the social sphere.  I guess it just speaks volumes to the power of human delusion.

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