Monday, June 22, 2015

Freedom for Ahmed Mansour

The New York Times today featured on page A-4 a story about the arrest and detention of al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Mansour in Germany at the behest of the al-Sisi dictatorship in Egypt.  I have very vivid memory of watching the original rallies in Tahrir Square via the internet feed on al-Jazeera English, and because the channel was pro-democracy with a bitter critique of the coup, they have become Public Enemy Number One.  Al-Sisi has jailed journalists, targeted the broadcast infrastructure of the network's Egyptian affiliate, and called them a terrorist organization, giving credence to the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword.  The fact that this action came in Germany speaks volumes about how far in the pocket of the dictatorship Angela Merkel is.  Ultimately it is more than likely that Mr. Mansour's British passport will save the day, he's a dual citizen and 10 Downing Street will probably have the ability to pull a few strings.  In the meantime, stand in solidarity with Mr. Mansour and press freedom for oppressed journalists everywhere, contact the German Embassy in Washington and express your feelings about this issue:

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
4645 Reservoir Rd NW
Washington DC 20007

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