Monday, May 25, 2015


Here we have another film by Aziz El-Ali that is not political, a simple silent film called TIME IS MONEY about a father and son learning the value of time spent together as opposed to time spent making cash.  Starring Yahia Abo-Hilal as the son and Ufuk Gokkaya as the ever-so-busy father, there was a part of me that had mild flashbacks to Harry Chapin's Cat's In The Cradle, especially in the way the father behaved.  But the film had a much more pleasant end than that song, concluding on a note that in fact gets to the heart of Palestinian values, placing the family and bonds of blood above all else.  And, as a silent film, I have to admit a certain affinity dating back to my Baccalaureate days, where I was trained to believe without any hesitance that film as an art form lost something important when sync sound was popularized.  Especially noteworthy are the production values, I have to admit being extremely impressed there.

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