Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Je Suis Nazi!

The PEN International organization is in the midst of a Manhattan tempest in a teapot over the decision to give an award in honor of the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the lives lost last January during the attack by French Algerian immigrants who decided they did not take too kindly to being the target of xenophobic Francophile caricatures in the name of good sales.  There have been plenty of essays already about the repellant nature of the cartoons, spanning the range from sociological explanations about the long-standing tradition of Islamophobia dating back to the Algerian war to basic comparative literature, showing how, if the image above featured a Hasidic Jew and a Torah, there would be deserved outrage from every anti-racist organization on earth.  And, considering the fact France has a tradition of anti-Semitism dating back to the framing of Dreyfus, that is not a huge leap of the imagination.

(Video added in update 5/6/15, 11:10 PM)

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