Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Produced by the same crowd behind the adaptation of Alan Dershowitz's THE CASE FOR ISRAEL and directed by Gloria Z. Greenfield, this film is a tried clunker that has very little to offer in terms of actual intelligence.  Essentially we see a few talking heads babble on and on about how anti-Semitism is on the move again and opposition to Israel is de facto Jew hatred.  What is impressive, however, is the time capsule it provides.  First released in 2011, it includes a steady dose of anti-Arab Spring propaganda that serves as a kind of justification of the coup in Egypt and other acts we have seen come to pass in the period since then.  The film also touches on the BDS movement, showing that this strategy is problematic.  Richard Goldstone makes a brief appearance and his epic reversal is glorified as a triumph for human decency while Spain is made out to be the worst thing to happen to Judaism since Auschwitz.
But what really strikes me as extremely bizarre is how many Jews are cited as anti-Semites.  We get head shots of dastardly evil-doers like:

  • Noam Chomsky
  • Ilan Pappe
  • Kenneth Roth
  • Richard Falk
  • Amira Hass

This is just too much. 

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