Monday, May 25, 2015


Aziz El-Ali is a Swedish-based Palestinian film maker whose short film UNWELCOMED is a well-produced exposé of detention policies at Ben Gurion Airport.  Amir (played by the director) is trying to travel to visit relatives in Palestine.  However, he is shuttled aside and put through a Kafka-esque interrogation by security, including one guard who steals a small toy he intended to give to a child cousin as a gift.  At just over twelve minutes, this sort of docu-drama is pretty straightforward.  However, it is well worth the investment of time and shows the phenomenal leap in technology, between the time of Mustafa Abu Ali's THEY DO NOT EXIST and now, has not changed the ever-present phenomenon of Palestinian longing for home as juxtaposed against the militarized resistance to this basic element of personhood made manifest in the IDF enterprise, be it in a fighter jet or airport security.

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