Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

While this blog does serve primarily to analyze film, one must be gangrene above the neck to dismiss the ongoing race riots taking place in America in this new millennium, violence that features several discernible factors common to both the Middle East and the US, including a common source of weapons manufacturers.
Now we have Wolf Blitzer, the heir apparent to Edward R. Murrow, trying to argue in favor of police brutality because the protestors in Baltimore are a tad too violent for his posh white liberal tastes.
But this is no surprise for those who have a memory span longer than thirty seconds.  Back before Wolf was the diva extraordinaire of the Clunky Nonsense Network, he was the Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, covering major news stories going back to the Camp David accords under President Carter.  When the First Intifada erupted, Wolf was the one making please for mercy against the vicious anti-Semitic Arab hordes, claiming that a non-violent civil disobedience campaign was the death knell of Israeli society.  Here's a clip of him getting skewered by Norman Finkelstein.

When asked for comment, Wolfenstein only could offer the following:

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