Monday, March 2, 2015

Diane Feinstein and Netanyahu Do Dirty Dancing

Today Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) made the rounds on the news channels and explained that, while she will be attending the scheduled speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, she remains dismayed by the circumstances, calling Bibi 'arrogant' for claiming that he represents the sum total of the worldwide Jewish population when he makes statements about Iran, anti-Semitism, and about every other topic he utilizes for political gain.
On the whole, this is not a major event, except in terms of how this has blown up in John Boehner's face.  The White House response has been cool and nuanced, with no fireworks from anyone in power, while the liberal media has exploded into rabid fury.
However, one thing is striking.  In her interview with CNN, Feinstein did say she hoped that a two-state settlement could be arranged despite the meddling of Netanyahu.  It remains uncertain if her views are based on Norman Finkelstein's, that the pre-June 1967 borders are both a legal and tenable endpoint the crisis, or if she would prefer a situation where the settlements and the settlers would remain inside the Palestinian lands, creating a lasting Bantustan arrangement.  The last few years have seen an argument in favor of a binational, one person-one vote status quo in venues like The New York Times and the lectures by authors like Max Blumenthal.
One thing is clear, the next few days will provide a great deal of video footage to dissect.

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