Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bye-Bye Bibi Goodbye, Bye Bye Bibi Don't Make Me Cry

NOTE: I have no ability in Hebrew, I'm working towards learning it but I can't do translation. If anyone has the ability to translate the Hebrew-language clip below, please write it in the comments, it would be a great help.

Nearly 50,000 protestors gathered on the evening of March 7 at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv for the anti-Netanyahu rally Israel Wants Change, held by One Million Hands, a grassroots effort to replace Likud governance.  They write the following on their website:
ממשלת הליכוד בהובלתו של נתניהו נכשלה מדינית-ביטחונית ונכשלה כלכלית-חברתית.
אנו לא מוכנים להישאר אדישים. קמפיין מיליון ידיים יוצא בקריאה חד משמעית: להחליף את הממשלה!
קמפיין 'מיליון ידיים' קורא לציבור להשפיע בשני אופנים: 
1) להצביע בבחירות הקרובות 
2) להפעיל לחץ ציבורי על המפלגות להתחייב להשגת הסכם מדיני, ולהורדת יוקר המחייה.
Rough translation based on Google: 
The Likud government, led by Netanyahu, is a political, security and socio-economic failure.
We are not willing to remain indifferent. The Million Hands Campaign sends out an unequivocal call: replace the government!
This campaign, with a million hands, is calling for public influence in two ways:
1) Vote in February
2) Put public pressure on the parties to commit to achieving a political agreement, and lowering the cost of living.
And here is the English language text from their website:
Campaign declaration:
On behalf of myself and future generations I hereby give my hand for a change in leadership! I hereby pledge to support a party or coalition that will undertake to:
-To attain a two states agreement between Israel and the Palestinians to ensure the preservation of a Jewish democracy.
-To bring down the cost of living and reduce social inequity.
Which of course reveals something particularly important, the notion of Jewish democracy.  This is not a radical effort to create a one-person one-vote dynamic, which is what BDS is advocating in their efforts.  The program is quite clear, the only thing available as an option is based on a two-state agreement.  Now the question remains, will this arrangement be based on the maps used at Taba in
2001?  Is it going to be the pre-June 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state and land-swaps?  Will the Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem be dismantled?  These are important questions that have yet to be settled on.  There is the famous instance where Tzivi Lipni looked at a very carefully drawn map, created with a fine tooth comb that went dunam-by-dunam, to which she replied that the implementation would be political suicide.  But she also was saying it was not impossible, merely that it would be unpopular.  This map has never been published, but it is known to exist.  How deeply it is known by the Israeli public remains a mystery.  In the meantime, here is some footage at Rabin Square.

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