Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's the Zvika Klein Show!

Special thanks to Richard Silverstein of Tikun Olam for the original story.
Zvika Klein of Makor Rishon/NRG, a newspaper owned by GOP SuperPAC doyen Sheldon Adelson, delivered a stunning example of Parisian anti-Semitism by dressing up with a kippah and tzitzit, hallmark garb of the Orthodox branch he is not a part of, and parading around the streets with a cameraman, attempting to agitate attacks on his person for being noticeably Jewish.
As Silverstein writes
Klein doesn’t plan to walk through Tel Aviv’s poorest neighborhoods dressed as an African refugee.  Nor does he plan to walk through Tapuach or Yizhar wearing a keffiyeh.  If he had, he likely would’ve been killed rather than just spat upon.  He doesn’t plan to walk through Meah Shearim kissing his boyfriend.  When he tries these stunts and publicizes the reactions, then we’ll know he’s trying to be fair and balanced rather than an Islamophobic provocateur…[N]ote the video condenses 10 hours of walking into 1:36 seconds.  What other sorts of responses are in the other nine hours and 59 minutes?  The other aspect of this gimmick that is objectionable is that he refused to speak to anyone he met.  This makes him a palimpset onto which the passersby project their own views.  But it also prevents any passersby from understanding what he is doing and why.  As I say, if he did something similar in many Israeli neighborhoods he would have a far worse reaction.
In the ongoing dialogue here about portrayals of the Shoah, Nakba, and the results therein, this certainly takes the cake today for the Most Gratuitous Race Baiting Award.

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