Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bernie Sanders Says He’ll Skip Netanyahu Speech Because of Everything But Palestinians

It seems Bernie Sanders wants to become President and one of the titular Masters of the Universe. But how is the man going to deal with an international crisis with the fate of the world at stake when he can’t even deal with a little righteous heat right in his own back yard? A handful of activists from Code Pink and Occupy Central Vermont went to a town hall meeting in Cabot, Vermont on Saturday, hosted by Bernie and loudly confronted him on his unconscionable complicity with Israel’s murderous attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. (Bernie did not sign on to the Senate Resolution but neither did he speak against it when it was passed by unanimous consent.) His reaction was to freak out and call the state police on us, who came rushing through town at high speed as if there was a crime in progress. A few days later, he had cops pre-positioned at a public meeting in another town.  -Jay Moore, Bomber Bernie Can’t Take the Heat, CounterPunch Magazine, Weekend Edition 8/22-24/2014
The internet is abuzz with memes trying to create a grassroots effort to get Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) and
Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) to run for President against Hillary Clinton, similar to the DRAFT GOLDWATER campaign of 1961-64 that sent the Arizona Senator to the Republican convention and Presidential ballot against Lyndon Johnson.  That race was notable for two reasons.  On the one hand,  it was the last time that a Democrat won the office in a sweeping landslide, just as the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan did.  On the other hand, it was also the first time what became the Southern Strategy was given a test run.  Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina, traditional bastions of the Southern Democrats, flipped parties and became bastions of the GOP a century after the death of Lincoln.
In a sense, there is an interesting analogy to be seen between Goldwater's resistance to de-segregation based on his proto-Libertarian views on the Constitution and business laws and both Warren's and Sanders' views on Israel/Palestine.  For all their left-liberal or social democratic caveats, the two are deeply entrenched in the 'Israel is never wrong' position and are willing to stifle even questioning these issues by their constituents.  Both Goldwater and now these two senators utilize the notions of 'democracy' and 'liberty' as excuses for their ideas.


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  2. And more and more this issue will become a litmus test for voters. Chances are, if you don't fall on the right side of this conflict (that would be a marked - pro-Palestinian; End the Occupation; Hold Israel Accountable for the Welfare Weaponry used for mass murder of civilians) then chances are you need not sputter another "position".