Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Internet Video of 2014

I began my formal education in Film Studies at Rhode Island College in 2005, just as YouTube came online and transformed what used to be called 'home movies' into 'internet sensations'.  The internet video is fundamentally different from the cinematic media for reasons of size, space, creation, and distribution.  This is especially true when considering how independent news and cinema have evolved in the past decade and how the Israel/Palestine conflict is portrayed.
To be clear, 2014 was an awful year because despicable politicians, from Netanyahu in Tel Aviv to Obama and McConnell in Washington, provided not just the spark but the gasoline to incite a pogrom in Gaza.  The protests included many fine words by multiple figures from across the globe who refused to ignore it, men and women who said 'never again', but the most impressive pronouncement came when Norman Finkelstein spoke at Red Emma's, saying "Every day that pedantic, pontificating, insipid President came out and said ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’, he allowed the massacre in Gaza to continue."
However, one notable shift that actually can be called groundbreaking was the grilling Emily Maitlis subjected Mark Regev to on the July 24 BBC Newsnight broadcast.  John Snow on Channel 4 News was equally skeptical when interviewing Regev, but here is the big difference: Channel 4 is an independent television network that broadcasts in the UK.  BBC is the mouthpiece of the British government.  Maitlis was essentially serving notice to Netanyahu that even David Cameron has gotten tired of the word games, lies, and mis-representations that the Israeli government tries to spin on a potter's wheel into a tenable justification for dropping white phosphorous on toddlers.
A YouTube user called AN Other created a video of that interview that included wickedly funny subtitles, titled BEHIND THE LYING EYES OF MARK REGEV.

The user writes in the description:
Using a prototype Truth Rectification Processor, the words of Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev have been filtered through a complex algorithm that strips away lies.
Amazing results!
This experiment, led by @alexnunns (, is inspired by earlier, remarkable research carried out by gabbriana2008, which used alternative "mind-reading technology". Those results can be viewed here: It is not known whether this technology is still operational, or if it has been destroyed by Mossad.
Some of the raw data that was fed into the Truth Rectification Processor can be viewed here:
And some of its design principles were based on this:
Legal analysis was cited from:
The raw interview footage belongs to the BBC, used here under fair use. See the original here: Respect to Emily Maitlis.
Let's hope next year will not be so flooded with innocent blood.

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