Thursday, December 25, 2014

All LGBTQQ People Should Purge Vomit OUT IN THE DARK

This film left me feeling filthy and reminded me of what Sarah Roy said in a mass email during the Gaza pogrom this summer, "I want to vomit".  When one is a queer person of any shade and watches a film utilizing the argument for LGBTQQ rights as an excuse to maintain apartheid, one is left with a feeling of nausea.
Directed by Michael Mayer, the film tells the story of Israeli lawyer Roy (Michael Aloni) and Palestinian medical student Nimr (Nicholas Jacob), two men who meet in a gay bar and begin an affair that is doomed to fail because one is a Palestinian and the other Israeli.  A sub-plot follows Gil (Alon Pdut), a homophobic cop who makes gay Palestinians turn informant in exchange for safe haven in Israel.  At one point, Mustafa (Loai Nofi), a popular drag queen in the Tel Aviv gay bar circuit, is left by police thugs in the West Bank, where he is executed for collaboration by his fellow Palestinians, who spend some time before shooting him point blank in the head kicking him around as punishment for his sexuality.  Nimr's brother, Nabil (Jamil Khoury), is in the midst of stockpiling rifles and ammunition in an alcove under the family home, despite the pleas of Nimr, when he learns his brother's secret and is forced to execute his sibling for his crimes against Palestine and the laws of Allah.
This film relies on racist archetypes and cardboard characterization to get to its galling final conclusion, that Palestinians are homophobic beasts and that the occupation, while tragic, is necessary because Arabs are sexist monsters that have no sense of civility or simplistic justice.
Several hours after this was posted, I came across a story from THE REAL NEWS focusing on a recent New York Times advertisement reflecting on this type of pink washing.

Here's a video from THE REAL NEWS program REALITY ASSERTS ITSELF that gives a decent summary of these issues.

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