Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This Just In!

Israeli racism is on full display here in a video showing marchers protesting a recent decision by the Supreme Court in regards to African refugees.  It strikes one as unbelievably ironic and sad to see this behavior especially because Sudanese refugees themselves are fleeing a calculated program of genocide in Darfur that has only just ended recently.  David Sheen, aka YouTube user BluePilgramage, has an extensive collection of self-produced documentaries.  Originally from Toronto, he now lives in Dimona and is writing about Israeli-Sudanese relations.
From an anthropological view, this is the mother load of info for a case study.  Here we have a typical North American transplant in Israel broadcasting perhaps the most honest documentary and news reporting work West of the Jordan River, something even Al-Jazeera English is unwilling to document accurately.

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