Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Peter Beinart on Americans Criticizing Zionism

For all his references to Derek Jeter and "Gone with the Wind," Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t understand Americans as well as he thinks he does. Yes, an aging minority of Fox News-watching whites will support Israel no matter what, because they admire Jews and fear Muslims. But younger Americans are less white, less religious, less nationalistic and less racist. And the harder they find it to conceive of Israel as a democracy, they harder they’ll find it to support Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Israelis need to realize that by undermining the two-state solution, Netanyahu is prompting a debate inside the United States about Zionism itself. That debate will take a long time. But unless Israeli policy changes, it’s a debate that we Zionists may ultimately lose.
The author argues that now American criticism of Israel itself is becoming less of a fringe trend.  WITHOUT A TWO STATE SOLUTION, AMERICANS WILL CHALLENGE ZIONISM ITSELF is the title of his opinion piece in Ha'aretz today.  He claims that Netanyahu has not been connecting with Americans outside the Evangelical Christian Right, that Operation Protective Edge and other instances in the past year, including the failed John Kerry peace summit, have fundamentally re-oriented the discussion in a way so Netanyahu cannot keep control of the narrative.
Recently I have tallied the number of titles on Netflix connected to either Palestinian or Israeli issues.  There are 18 Israeli titles available on the Instant Play website, while the majority of the Arabic-language titles, 10 titles, are directly related to Palestine, with 4 other titles in Arabic that are not, and even then, 1 of those is about the Lebanon War.  Also, it would appear that Alan Dershowitz has totally scrubbed his CASE FOR ISRAEL film from both DVD and Instant services.

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