Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ISIS propaganda film "FLAMES OF WAR" is our worse nightmares come true...

This article on LeakSource is excellent as a detailed summary and discussion of miss en scene.
Al-Hayat has some impressive technology for video equipment, items not easily gained by a guerrilla-type insurgency force, which spells out the realization that there is indeed a great deal of capital being invested into it by some big sponsors.  The interesting point is how, in the perspective of ISIS, Syria, America, Iran, and Israel are all enemies, bastions of 'secularism' and blasphemy against Allah.  The editing is fluid, though a bit over-the-top, utilizing the same HD imagery of an exploding fireball to split the narrative into smaller segments, along with computer-generated animated maps that could only have been produced in a program akin to Adobe AfterEffects.  That signals that this producer has access to a major studio, including sound editing and special effects technology.
This is a major new development for a group like ISIS.  From bin Laden to Tahir Square in Egypt, the primary method of audio-visual communication has been through low-grade camcorders and computer desktop cameras.  This represents a major financial influx into the organization, greater than even what bin Laden himself was able to acquire.  This article on CounterPunch is a great brief on where ISIS developed and how.

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