Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thomas L. Friedman asks President Obama if he is worried about Israel’s survival

'To have scratched out of rock this incredibly vibrant...'
Palestinian lands are now pebbles?
The reality is that Obama has been awful in the handling of this war, and he knows he can only be so philo-Semitic in answering this question because of his Republican challengers and even the Democrats in the pro-war camp.
In other news, Elie Wiesel sinks farther than previously imagined.
Infanticide.  Whatever Elie may be dreaming about in his head, which thankfully we do not have to witness, Gazans are essentially trapped right now by US produced weaponry in a fashion akin to fish in a barrel, and his simile of the Palestinians and the Canaanites is derogatory in so many different ways that Edward Said would have a field day.

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