Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello America, I Am American!

Tariq Khdeir, 15, is an American citizen of Florida.  He was visiting his family living in Shuafat, Jerusalem, when he was beaten while in IDF custody.  He lives in Tampa.
It has now become a sadly typical trope of pro-Israeli propaganda to replay ad infinitum terrorist bombing attacks, whether it's on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, or any other Western outlet.  And it was a literal plot device in the WEST WING TV series, where Jed Bartlett goes to pieces trying to figure out what to say to the parents of two tourist teen from America killed in a suicide attack.
So now we have the exact same situation, a youth brutalized by somebody, but it is just that inconvenient that the boy isn't an Israeli-American tourist.  He's younger than any Americans who go to serve in the IDF, but since he's Palestinian, in a word, he does not count.  This is nothing new in this country.
As can be predicted, Bibi is probably going to hold some kind of PR stunt 'inquiry' and serve up as fodder some cowboy general who was slated for retirement soon anyway.  There will be absurd speeches and homilies and even maybe a pop music star calling for something.  But the sick reality of this mess isn't changing any time soon.  Obama basically is complicit in having let Bibi behave like a behemoth war machine, and his lackluster response when the bodies of the hitchhikers were discovered was a typical bad follow-up number, as to be expected.  Now he has an American kid served up like a tenderized fillet by the IDF!  Whether the Florida GOP will go all Elian Gonzalez over this remains to be seen, but the opportunity for American bigotry is always lurking in the orange groves.

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