Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gaza 2014 and the Media

This story at HuffPost caught my eye because it seems emblematic of something larger going on in the discourse.  Unlike previous Israeli military actions, it seems that the anti-Occupation Jewish voices in America are more inclined to speak up.  As a result, we have Bob Schieffer making horrendous remarks about the Palestinians on CBS.  The reasons is obvious, the technological advances in between Operation Cast Lead and this current war in regards to utilities like Twitter and other social networking apps has made on-the-ground reporting and citizen journalism much more possible.  Cast Lead took place in the final weeks of 2008, when these services existed but were still not as widely used.  In that time, there has been the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and a greater proliferation of smart phones.  This war, by contrast, has been one where Twitter has been a major source for journalists.  Images of both Israelis and Palestinians have gone viral, and the portrait painted of the society at war has been shocking.  David Sheen recently posted this story at Mondoweiss about Israeli youth bashing Arabs using the hashtag #ZionStandUp, a nationalist rallying cry that elicits the most astonishing results.
And here is a short about a recent protest in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City, an event also covered by The Nation.
The point is that the ongoing democratization of the news created with the internet in the years since Cast Lead has created harder pushback from the midstream media, as in the case of Mr. Schieffer's remarks.

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