Tuesday, July 1, 2014

As If Things Couldn't Get Worse...

Time Magazine's 50-second video summarizing the debacle of the Israeli youth kidnapping is, putting it moldy, an absolute abortion.
First of all, there is absolutely no context offered as to how Bibi has basically set this up, behaving as he has for the past year.  No sense of just how ridiculous the idea of hitch hiking in the West Bank like you own the place really is.  Not even the acknowledgment that Hamas and Fatah are actually in a unity government right now.
Meanwhile, next door, the real harbingers of the Apocalypse, ISIS, are anxious to make a bee-line for Gaza and institute a Saudi-style Wahhabi regime that will make Hamas look like Greenpeace before they are done.
So essentially here we find Time Magazine cheerleading for exactly the worst sort of idea at an even more terrible juncture in human history than imaginable.  Henry Luce would be proud!

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