Saturday, May 31, 2014

THE CASE FOR ISRAEL: DEMOCRACY'S OUTPOST (2009), a CAMERA Saturday Afternoon Special

After the entire Finklestein Affair in 2005 decidedly ended in Dershowitz's favor, here we get a re-hash of the first book, corrected and updated to go so far out of reality that Dershowitz sinks to a new set of low standards.  Within ten minutes, he's claiming Jimmy Carter's hands literally drip with the blood of thousands of Palestinians.  Enlisting the aid of Dennis Ross, producer and CAMERA executive Alex Sapian, Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Morris, and a host of other typical talking heads, the film is an effective mis-representation of anything approximate to reality.  In essence, Dershowitz is just doing a lecture version of the book, so the graphs and tables in the appendices of Finklestein's BEYOND CHUTZPAH should be more than satisfactory in debunking this mess.

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