Friday, April 25, 2014

Israel. Gaza. PUPPY!

Vlogbrothers, featuring the Hank and John Green, is a series of YouTube videos featuring two middle-class white male children of the MTV generation giving witty analysis about news topics and current events.  As a side project, John has started a series of (much better) videos focusing on topics related to high school education, such as history, literature, and science.  Indeed, here is his recent video about de-colonization.
Obviously, the Gaza massacre was five years ago.  However, after comparing both videos, some points become obviously clear because they illustrate the general American ideology about post-colonialism.  Especially telling is the absolute mis-representation and canonization of Gandhi, for it is from the standpoint of Gandhi that the West feels justified in suppressing national revolutions when they become violent.  Essentially, the logic is akin to this: Gandhi's success proves that violence is not necessary to emancipation from imperialism.  Therefore, if you cannot prove your cause and its value through non-violence, akin to the methods used by Gandhi, then you are simply judged to be a radical, a terrorist, irrational in the most traditional of Orientalist thought.  All these points will become relevant discussion points in the forthcoming weeks, as the Kerry Juggernaut is (potentially) halted by the reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah.

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