Thursday, April 24, 2014

How Low Can CNN Go?

Oh the irony, that once CNN was referred to as 'Commie News Network', I certainly can see how Jeanne Moos speaks verbatim the fine pronouncements of Lenin on the National Question and Imperialism here!
The galling fact here is that this 'Othering' by CNN of the Maori is not just blatantly wrong-headed and insulting, it seems to have a certain level of arrogance about it stemming from the fact that there is no real logic to antagonizing a Southern Pacific indigenous population.  Typically, the act of making an 'Other' of a certain population is tied to economic and imperial interests, i.e. the Palestinian is made into a caricature of terrorism so to further the hegemony of American and Israeli goals.  By that logic, why are we going to war with the Maori?  Is there a chance the WHALE RIDER will cross the Pacific and lead a revolution when she lands in Oakland?

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