Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 'Peace Process': 20 Years After Oslo and Rabin

The media identity of the 'Israel-Palestine' conflict, that is, the portrayal in print and news of the conflict as an occurrence that generates ratings and ad sales, is now completely removed from the on-the-ground facts of the actual conflict.  Indeed, the juxtaposition in popular media between Israelis and Palestinians is a notable source of abject misunderstanding.  These imagery sequences, a vocabulary of Jew vs. Arab, have become akin to an Ideological State Apparatus, as described by Althusser.  
The co-orindates of this projection, which does indeed shape American opinions on the entire Middle East, have shifted several times over the decades, representing a certain shift in American policy.  Another element to consider is the dissolution of the USSR, a major patron for several decades.  Furthermore, the documentary record is clear that this ISA itself gained a name in the 1970's, 'The Peace Process', that was adopted by the economic victor of the Cold War, the USA.  By the time Yitzak Rabin was assassinated, he was made a 'Martyr of the Peace Process', despite his military record.  
This is a major element of the media vocabulary that inhibits a proper grasp of the real economic and geographical issues facing the Palestinians.  The above video, from earlier this year, when President Obama visited Israel, helps to define the contours of the discussion that are behind this Ideological State Apparatus.

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