Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Teargas in Manger Square

It's a well-worn trend in America: every year, the alleged secular 'War on Christmas' is foisted onto the public by the ultra-Right Wing media, despite the fact that every television channel drips with cartoon holiday specials.  This year reached new levels of absurdity, due to the mid-December death of Nelson Mandela and the galling excess of Red Baiting by pundits.  Indeed, many tried to compare ObamaCare to Apartheid, and Rush Limbaugh earlier called Pope Francis a Marxist over Evangelii Gaudium.  With this absurdity in place, it seems worthwhile to compare our American newscasts with new pictures, live from Manger Square.

This sort of activist art reflects exactly my own aspirations with this blog, and the newscast emphasizes the fact that these are decent, honest human beings, not marauders.

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