Sunday, December 29, 2013

Graeber's Anarchist Theory as Applied to Israeli/Palestinian Film

Below are some brief reflections on Graeber's book FRAGMENTS OF AN ANARCHIST ANTHROPOLOGY, with a turn towards film theory dealing with Israel and Palestine.  The following lines are mere sketches, and could grow in the future.

  • A theory of the state-  The reality of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, in a geo-politcal sense especially, provides several points towards this theory, especially the concept of which national movements declared national independence to form their respective states.  In this sense, a comparison between the praxis of David Ben Gurion and Yasser Arafat would seem appropriate.
  • A theory of political entities that are not states- Comparative analysis of both national identity movements in Palestine and the way in which they asserted state power, along with others that did not.
  • Yet another theory of capitalism- A history of capital and imperialist control in Palestine is the outline of this analysis, re-orienting classical Marxist views of capitalism with an emphasis on the role of race and racism as social forces; what lessons are clear not just about institutionalized racism, but also about Marx himself, in understanding the political economy of the land?
  • Power/ignorance, or power/stupidity (Graeber explores a possible theory of the relation of power not with knowledge, but with ignorance and stupidity, in explicit opposition to Foucault's theories of power and knowledge. "Because violence, particularly structural violence, where all the power is on one side, creates ignorance." (p. 72))- A dissection of the American public's misinformation about the issues, using the Propaganda Model suggested by Chomsky/Herman in MANUFACTURING CONSENT along with Edward Said's writings on Orientalist racism.
  • An ecology of voluntary associations- A dissection of anarchist groups in Israel and Palestine.
  • A theory of political happiness- Derived from Udi Aloni's writings on binationalism.
  • Hierarchy- Anarchist view of the Israeli and Palestinian political groups.
  • Suffering and pleasure: on the privatization of desire- Analysis of the settler culture.
  • One or several theories of alienation-  Each notion must be based around racial classifications inherent in the state's structural violence.
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