Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alan Hart/Ilan Pappe Interview

Here's Alan Hart interviewing Ilan Pappe circa the release of ETHNIC CLEANSING OF PALESTINE.  Previously I posted a blatantly philo-Semitic video of Pappe lecturing on the topic.  The maturity and the nuance that Hart makes abundantly clear is a contrast to the identification of Pappe as a 'Jewish historian' in the previous post, something you see too often with videos posted by racists who use the videos of Pappe, Finkelstein, or other popular anti-Zionist Jewish academics and writers to justify their own warped fantasies.
My own interaction with this phenomena is downloading a collection of files, half of them books by Finkelstein, the other half by the David Duke contingent.  Duke's own volume featured a dedication to Israel Shahak and detailed how Zionism shared an inherently Jewish feature with Bolshevism that had subjugated the innocents of the world to various ethnic cleansing campaigns throughout history, including the Stalinist famines.  Here's his babbling idiocy:
There WERE some Jewish inmates in the Gulags, but they received better rations and accommodations. Lenin was part Jewish blood and lived and died in a Yiddish speaking culture, including raising his children as such. He was always gibbering about Jewish superiority. Beria was Jewish and Trotsky was a mass murder champion...Do you deny the enormous mass murder of Bolshevism, the horrific torture, murder and tyranny and human suffering under the Communists? Do you deny that super rich, Zionist Capitalists and Bankers such as Jacob Schiff financed the Russian Revolution. That is easily documented and proven by the Zionists themselves. I condemn globalist, capitalist evil just as I condemn Communism! What we need is a third way, a way of human freedom and the highest principles of human rights and justice.  -"Dr." David Duke
This exercise is meant to underline the varieties of approaches we can take to this issue of Israel and Palestine.  The Alan Hart video provides an ideological schematic and matrix in which we can operate in a truly historically materialist fashion, and that prism is made more vibrant and brought to better relief when contrasted with the nonsense conflation of Leninism and Zionism made by a fool like David Duke.
Previously, I have mentioned Bolshevism and Lenin's attempt to resolve the European Jewish question in an alternative manner to Zionism, and I think it is here worthwhile to remember this in light of Duke's conflation of traditional Marxist-Leninism and modern Zionism.  By grasping this difference, we not only collapse the nonsense thinking of racism, a new set of ideas develops regarding our understanding of racism.

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