Tuesday, October 1, 2013

al-Jazeera English on al-Nakba: A Reevaluation of the British Mandatory Period

Between the fact I frankly have neither patience or time to upload the entire thing and it is also available in various versions, including with English narration, the Rawan Damen series AL-NAKBA will not be making a premiere on this blog in the foreseeable future.  Furthermore, I find it problematic to really turn this blog just into a place to show films like that one or Lanzmann's SHOAH, both of which frankly cannot be accorded anything but the deepest of reverent silence and contemplation.
However, as an addendum to the previous article about Lenin and THE PROMISE, I felt it would be appropriate to include this video, which is less readily available than the documentary itself.  Filmed for the al-Jazeera English premiere of the Damen miniseries, it features Drs. Avi Shlaim, Rosemary Hollis, and James Renton giving a key set of critiques about British Mandatory policy and the post-colonial aspect of the Nakba that is inherent to any real conversation about Israel and Palestine.  What post-colonialist angles provide, especially from an Anthropological aspect, is a certain degree of autonomous observation, divorced from any form of ideology other than the acknowledgement of geo-demographic realities over history and that reality's primacy over colonialist intentions regarding concepts such as 'Manifest Destiny' or 'Statism'.  With this in mind, Zionism is placed in a spectrum where it obviously withstands the test of whether it was a system of colonialism.  This simply is a fact, and the issue now becomes one of praxis regarding healing the schisms inherent in any colonialist society.  Of course, that returns to the absolute reason for this blog's genesis; we're hear to watch both national cinemas and to see where synthesis can begin.

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