Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Passion of Edward Said on EXILES

Previously, I posted the documentary by Sut Jhally of the basic thesis of Edward Said's ORIENTALISM, produced in the later part of the Clinton administration.  Here is a powerful British documentary about Said from the BBC series Exiles.  While the previous post focused purely on the academic content of Dr. Said's monumental volume, this film is a much more intimate attempt to present the man Said not as a comparative literary professor but as a secular-rationalist voice for the Palestinian cause.  The film is unsparing, and the fundamental existential crisis of Palestinian life and the atrocity of un-personhood the Palestinians are subjected to is communicated with the certain power that the BBC is known for.  My own reactions to the film is that, while it does portray the role of British colonialism in the Mandate, it lacks the maturity seen in the Al-Jazeera miniseries on the Nakba, and is obviously marked by the certain structural restraints of Thatcher's BBC.

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